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Best Soft Washing in Charleston, SC

Best Soft Washing in Charleston, SC

We received a call from one of the owners from the Mixson shops in North Charleston. They were in desperate need of washing the front stucco of the building and was concerned that it would be cleaned properly without any possible damage. We spoke with the owner explaining our Soft Wash process and how we were the best company for the job. We were contracted to wash the building and knew there could be great results from our Soft Wash process. Looking at the front of the building from the road, it was evident that the mold and algae growing on it had been there for years. The owners couldn’t actually remember when it was last done. Then came along Lowcountry Soft Wash with the proper equipment and procedures to transform this dirty building into a clean and bright welcome sign.

Lowcountry Soft Wash has the proper equipment called a proportioning system to wash the building at a higher solution than a normal house wash solution. We applied a 4% solution and could see that the algae and other organic were not being affected. We adjusted our proportioning system to a higher 6% and applied another coat and could see the algae’s and other organic dying off right before our eyes. After about 10 minutes of the solution marinating on the stucco, we gave the walls and landscape a final rinse with water.

Other pressure washing companies normally don’t have the proper equipment to handle a job like this as the proportioning system is not cheap. Lowcountry Soft Wash actually has 2 proportioning system on their trailers just in case one system has a problem. With no damage to the paint, stucco, windows or landscape, Lowcountry Soft Wash was able to fully satisfy this client having them amazed how good the building looked after having it Professionally Soft Washed.

Service provided: Building Washing

Location: Charleston, SC

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